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Pigeon Soother FunFriends L size Mickey (6-18m+)_1018855
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Size (L x W x H) 8 cm x 6 cm x 15.1 cm
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Head: silicone rubber Shield & ring: polypropylene

  • Easy sucking soother developed based on the research on infant oral development
  • Light-weight and less stress for baby to keep holding on in his/her mouth
  • Supported by paediatric dentist in consideration of baby’s teeth development


  • Inspect carefully before each use, especially when the child has teeth. Pull the soother in all directions. Throw away at the first signs of damage or weakness.
  • Do not leave a soother in direct sunlight or near any source of heat, or leave in disinfectant (sterilizing solution) for longer than recommended, as this may weaken the nipple/teat.
  • Keep the removable protection (hood) for the nipple / teat away from children to avoid suffocation.
  • Never dip the soother in sweet substances or medication as this may cause tooth decay.
  • In the event that the soother becomes lodged in the mouth, DO NOT PANIC; it cannot be swallowed. The two holes on the soother shield enable breathing without interruption. Remove from the mouth with care and as gently as possible.
  • For hygiene and safety reasons, replace the soother after one to two months of usage.
  • Do not clean the soother with abrasive cleaning agents.
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1 x Pigeon Soother FunFriends L size Mickey (6-18m+)_1018855